Virus Protection Policy (COVID-19)

Our hotel is committed to provide high quality services in a totally healthy environment for our guests and employees.
Sundance Apartments & Suites strictly complies with national and international health and safety regulations.
The Health & Safety manager as well as our scientific partners and consultants are in contact with the National Public Health Organization (NPHO) and monitor developments related to epidemics and especially the outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19) that currently infected the planet.
We would like to assure our guests, staff and partners that we are taking all the necessary precautions and hygiene requirements to prevent and ensure the health of our visitors and staff.
More specifically:
1) Infection control measures for the prevention and protection of coronavirus based on NPHO directives and the Greek Ministry of Health such as:

  • Instructions for managing the spread at the hotel areas
  • Infection prevention of COVID-19 in the workplace by applying protection measures in public spaces
  • Instructions to the public, travelers and vulnerable groups.

2. The hotel is equipped with: alcohol-based hand sanitizer, thermometers, tissues, facemasks & disposable gloves, surface cleaning liquids.
3. Perform specific methods of thorough cleaning and disinfection of rooms with certified antiviral disinfectants, as well as sanitize the textile surfaces (eg furniture upholstery) with a steam device.
4. In the event of a suspected case, we apply the instructions and report the incident immediately to the National Public Health Organization (NPHO).
5. Furthermore, our hotels are ready to implement the Infection Control & Prevention plan that has been developed and adapted to prevent this crisis.
We apply efficient and approved methods of testing the effectiveness of surface cleaning & disinfection as well as air quality in our hotel.
Reliable information to our employees and customers is available if needed.
We are following developments and are in constant vigilance and communication with the National Public Health Organization (NPHO), which has already published (and systematically update) information material and specific guidelines. Please note that NPHO (National Public Health Organization) is monitoring developments and is in contact with the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO).



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